Shadow Puppet Museum


Shadow puppet Museum at Khanon templebuilt in Thai-style wooden house.

17 meters wide. Length 23 meters. Showcasing the puppet leathers were made

in the original series on the period time. Luang Pu Klom (The provost) and his

team that have created many sets of leather that can be used to arrange. Can

show all the Ramayana. The interior will be partially leather only 50 characters,

The different between old and new puppet leather

          Make a puppet leather is one kind of arts. That needs capability of craftsman.

     They need to design every elements in 1 leather piece. The beauty of the leather depends

     on the design of the characters and pattern. Especially battle scene. That have many action           and character in 1 leather piece. Craftsman will try to invent a beautiful and exciting battle.

     including coloring leather for beauty and represent some character.

                    Rebuild puppet leather is made for preserve original puppet. By follow every step

     of ancient way to made. Such as drawing, cutting, coloring. But can not do the same of old

     traditional way. By the way artist and craftsman solve it by adapt something new to make it

     The step are as follow.