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Khanon Temple

Photharam, Ratchaburi

The art of Nang Yai Shadow Puppet Drama is one of Thailand's finest and most admired

treasures. showing many intrinsic values of Thai art. For example, the beautiful designs

of  the  puppets,  meticulously  carved  by  craftsmen can be  manipulated to portray all

kinds of mood and character as required by the storyline, verse and recitation: dialogue,

chorus and  the music of  the  'Phi Phat'  Thai musical  ensemble with  a  solo woodwind

accompaniment.  The artistic feel created by  these moods  and  movements allows  the

audience to gain a complete grasp of the storyline.  And Shadow Puppet Drama also one 

kind of Thai ancient art for revealing the extraordinary ingenuity of our Thai forefathers.


Puppet Show
Khanon Temple

The initiator of leather carving

was Phra Kru.Sattha Sunthon

or Luang Pu Klom. He have an

idea to make bigger leather than before Therefore, he got Teacher Ung, Chang Chad, Chang Cha,

and Chang Tow. So they create

The first leather set was created

it's called Hanuman Offering

the ring, later created 9 more

sets. At present, there are 313 leather figures, which are considered temple treasures.

that have been together in preserving the inheritance and being the only The only temple

that has their own entertainment.


The museum building Khanon

Temple has been blessed. old prayer hall which is a Thai

style wooden house to build

on the Mae Klong River

museum house Designed by

Asst. Prof. Somjai Nimlek

and decorated Interior by

Prof. Pongsak Aryangkun Showcasing a large movie exhibition over 100 yearsold

in perfect condition Most of

them are characters. in the Ramayana show history The history of Nang Yai and the process big leather carving

Puppet Museum
Khanon Temple 


Exhibits about the royal

procession in the visit of

people and the assembly.

His Majesty King's royal

duties of His Majesty King

Bhumibol  Adulyadej  to

Ratchaburi Province such as

Builds Nong Po Dairy Factory

at  Potharam District,

Reservoir Project under

Royal Initiative. etc.

Chalermrach Cultural
Centre, Rama IX

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