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Characteristics of the leather And the puppet show is considered a unique identity that only

exists in Thailand. Not like other nations. Not only focusing on the movement style of the

characters. but also emphasizing the beauty caused by posing leather back to the light.

that seems to move emotionally according to the story along with the dubbing,

dialogue, lyric, and Piphat band. Can make the audience understand the story and

get a taste of beauty in many ways inside at the same time before the show.

Must perform the ceremony before every time. Then show a short episode to

tell audience that they about to perform shadow puppet right next to this show.

And puppet show is telling about Ramayana story in Thai version.

Elements in puppet performance

1. Theater


     Performance can show where ever you want.

can be in a field, theater or hall but  need  to

have enough space for display and other equipment.

Also actor and people who asossiation with the


   Display is a really important element in the show.

Made by white fabric. Not to thick not to thin. When the light comes in fabric. You be able to 

                                                                                     see puppet clearly. At the 

                                                                                     bottomof display. They use thick 

                                                                                     fabric to stretch.  Average 

                                                                                      size of display is about

                                                                                      13-15 maters. 


                                                          Lightingis behind the stage or display.                                                               in a period ther will burnt dry coconut

                                                       peel on top of scaffolding for fire.  But in                                                             a present day it's more safety and easier

                                                       if they use 2-3 spotlight. This light isn't

                                                       as beautiful as natural light. But it won't                                                               had smoke and smut that made fabric dirty.

2. People who perform in the show



                                                                                      Puppeteer will wear a red clothes.                                                                                                       and sashes. In a present day Khanon

                                                                                      temple's puppet performance group       

                                                                                      had their own outfits. Because in the 

                                                                                      perform puppet is a object that doesn't

                                                                                      move. only actor controling the puppet.

 So, puppeteer is a main element in a performance. Perform by use posing, dancing, acting along

with puppet leather. To make puppet and performance lively. Puppeteer need to acting along.

man that prepare puppet


    Nai Nang or man who prepare puppet leather need

to know sequence in every scene. Know entire story. 

He will prepare puppet for actor behind a display.

Which puppet that use next and already use it won't

ิbe mixed up. He will lean puppet leather beside stage

one by one. If Nai Nang not has enough experiene may

ruin a performance.

voice actor

   Normally, voice actor in perform should have

2-4 person. And they should professional about

telling story, talk to audience and plot. Remember

all of plot and story line. Like to sing and

entertaining people. And also know about

music. Their voice need to be lound and

powerful. Good at speaking and pronounce words.

3. Instrument

instrument while perform puppet show

Picture 229.jpg

                                                          Music that use in performance. Always be Phi pat

                                                          band. Had 5 instrument. or the original five It                                                         consists of xylophone, xylophone, xylophone,                                                         gong wong, klong thad, taphon, which are                                                             used in many songs. and will play as                                                                     appropriate for the story. Start to play music 

                                                          and do ceremony follow the step. Play it proper

 along a story. Many songs such as Na pat song, Satugan song, Groundnai song,

Groundnok song and Cherd song. Phi pat band will stay beside of display about 4 meters. 

Wait for signal and ordered from voice actor. Which seqeunce play  what song.  Music and story need to go along together. But in this present day Phi pat band will stay close to display. For better quality and comfort the audience. Use speaker and sound

effect for better sound.


4. Performance and ceremony

    Before start to perform puppet show. They 

need to follwer the step. By set the ceremony

and do the workship. They believe that the

ceremony will help them to do better performance.

By put 3 puppet in front of area. Put the holy

puppet leather behind the screen by installing

it on the screen pillar and showing short

stories such as catching a monkey in the

evening, Bong Tan stabs the tiger. which consists of Bai Sri Pak Cham, pork, chicken, ordination spices, ripe bananas, liquor, a pair of cigarettes, holy water, Thanasarn and                                                               Phan Kru, a gift of 12 baht (benefits of the                                                                     Nang Yai Faculty).  





         After finished ceremony and workship. They

will perform a short episode to tell audience that

they about to perform shadow puppet right next

to this show. The episode that Khanon temple

always perform 'Catch money at dark' plot

is funny and entertaining audience. By this  

short perform its a good signal to tell audience that they about to perform the show.

'Catch money at dark' also telling funny story and teaching moral. When this show

end. Phi phat band wil start to play instrument. And prepare other equipment for perform. 

                                                                              While a short episode is performing. Nai Nang                                                                                that stay behide the display will prepare a                                                                                  puppet. Musician will play ground nai song.                                                                                 In the past, full 1 episode will perform                                                                             about 2-3 hour. Called 'Tub'. If its short                                                                         episode might perform 2-3 episode in 1 night. In a present day Khanon temple manage a time that spend in 1 perform to be shorter.

1 episode is about 1 hour. Perform about Ramayana. And offen perform "Hanuman offer ring".

story telling

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